We work with the best companies in the field and offer the most accurate solutions with its Ultralight class aircraft, best-in-class medium format Phaseone brand aerial cameras, hightech GPS/IMU, Gyro Stabilized Mount, Flight Management Systems (FMS), image and data processing software. With the right hardware, software and engineering methodologies we apply, we provide our clients with fast, reliable and sensitive data instead of the control processes where the fundamentals of photogrammetry are discussed with the projects we carry out.


  • Compliant to the specifications
  • GCP Planning, Facility and Measurement
  • Flight Planning
  • Aerial Photography Shoot
  • Air Photo Radiometric Balancing
  • GNSS/INS Data Processing
  • Aerial Triangulation Balancing
  • Digital Surface Model Production
  • Digital Terrain Model Production
  • Orthophoto Production
  • True Orthophoto Production
  • Stereo Plotting


We are at your service for all kinds of geographical data and engineering projects you need in land registry, expropriation, road, irrigation and pond design, current map production and engineering.

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