Lidar and Oblique Data Production


We have air laser scanner and oblique camera systems integrated into our aircraft systems in order to increase the need for geographic data and to provide the desired service with the most accurate solution. With the multi-turn technology and GNSS/IMU integration provided by Lidar systems, highly accurate and sensitive X, Y, Z data is collected from point cloud regardless of sunlight and terrain. Apart from the bare terrain surface, sensitive (Ground points, DTM) data can be produced thanks to multi-turn technology and classification logic. a


  • Forestry
  • Mining
  • Energy (transmission lines)
  • Municipality & Urban Planning
  • Lidar technology has a significant place


Oblique air camera systems; by integrating 4 more angled cameras as overlay (forward, right, left and rear) to rare cameras used photogrammetrically, with the photogrammetric flight performed, visual 3D models and data can be produced by obtaining 4-way oblique images rather than just images perpendicular to the ground surface. Thus, especially in residential areas and city centres, building side surfaces can also be modelled, measurements can be taken, and 3D data can be made smart separately with each visual with GIS integration when desired.


  • Urban
  • Tapu Kadastro
  • Land Registry
  • Municipal Applications
  • We serve our customers with the most accurate solution and method in areas such as Flood Disaster Planning etc.

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