About Us

VegaMap was established in Manisa Turgutlu in the early 2000s to provide value-added solutions to the public and private sectors. With its Ankara branch opened in 2019, it takes firm steps forward. Producing geographical data that needs all kinds of engineering disciplines by using remote sensing and photogrammetric foundations, our company has state-of-the-art crewed and uncrewed systems by closely following technological developments in order to create geographical data of the desired quality. Our company has adopted the principle of providing the fastest, most economical and correct solution to the needs of the time. It is an important solution partner in your projects with its specialized staff and state-ofthe- art systems.









Our Vision

Our company aims to be an exemplary organization that respects the society and the environment it is in, and to be a pioneer in the sector with its quality and dynamic structure; with the R&D-M (Research and Development Centre) unit it owns, to provide addedvalue to the country's economy and skills by determining the requirements in the works it has, using new technologies in a way that will provide maximum benefit and quality with minimum time and cost, and continuously improving it. In order to provide a better service to our customers in changing conditions every day, our team constantly follows the technology and develops our own technology where necessary and produces solutions for the demands of our customers.

Our Mission

We aim to save time and value by being a solution partner in the necessary engineering activities for public institutions, municipalities, construction organizations and all customers who need map engineering services individually, thanks to the technological opportunities we have. With its dynamic structure, experienced staff and the importance we attach to technology, it has adopted the principle of being your first choice in your projects. It has proven its high business ethics with our characteristics such as affordable cost, quality service and timely delivery, and has become the choice of prominent business partners in the sector with the trust we provide.

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